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Special Envoy, Bangladesh Lubricants Market
Last Updated: February 7, 2019
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Lubricants market of Bangladesh is a competitive one. The lubricants shelves of the overall market have already placed more than 100 brands altogether and the number of brands is increasing day by day.

And the situation is being worsened while so many by name products are taking the different shelves of different clusters. This market has become more overstated in terms of brand names and local products.

You may argue with us; lubricants shelves have no more space to place your new brands. You might get surprised hearing such a statement. For your information, it’s not a surprising one.

Regularly, lubricants retailers have to welcome the representatives of newly entered brands.

A national sales manager, of a reputed lubricating oil brand in Bangladesh, said, even India doesn’t have too many oil brands like Bangladesh have.

Earlier, we observed these factors behind the lubricants trade of Bangladesh. And, business Insiders has depicted this lubricants market as a silent trade with a lot of floating traders.

On an assumption, the annual domestic demand for lubricants oils is around 100 million litres, whereas base oil demand around 140 million litres.

The annual domestic consumption has got almost 3% yearly growth.

However, the base oil demand of Bangladesh is growing thanks to increasing automotive sector and the agriculture-based economy.

Lubricants consumption in the industrial sector has increased significantly in the last 5 years.

Furthermore, this unnoticeable market now is a competitive one. Already, lubricant players have established their footholds here, with international brands.

Market insiders think lack of govt. intervention on the policy to monitor this trade make this market uncontrolled one.

And it is high time to bring strong regulations to change this prevailing situation and help the industries and also protect the environment in the process.

However, the lack of market monitoring and the least reporting makes this trade unnoticeable to the public.

Currently, the situation is being tough for the overall lubricants market.

 It is clear, the lubricants brands with their existing market share, are struggling to hold their market shares.

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December, 07 2022
How Often Should You Replace R600A Refrigerant in A Refrigerator?

When your refrigerator starts warming up, it is because you need to add just a few drops of refrigerant to get your fridge back to the right temperature. If you forget and let your home run out of that last little bit of refrigerant, there is one serious downside. You finish cooking everything before getting more; some items may have yet to cool down thoroughly and are potentially at risk of being spoiled. Fortunately, plenty of other things can cause that, so this article explains what R600a refrigerant is and how often replacements should happen in a refrigerator.

What Is R600a Refrigerant?

R600a is a refrigerant that is classified as a high-performance liquid refrigerant. It is used in some commercial and industrial refrigerators and air conditioning systems. R600a is more energy-efficient than other refrigerants, making it a good choice for greenhouses, office buildings, and other places with limited energy.

The downside is that it costs more to use than other types of refrigerants. Replacing R600a in a refrigerator every three to six months can help save money on your utility bill.

When To Replace The R600a Refrigerant In Your Refrigerator?

A refrigerator can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years with regular use. However, if your refrigerator is not being used regularly or young children spill drinks and food on the floor or open and shut the fridge often, it may be time to replace the R600a refrigerant. Replacing the R600a every five years should keep your appliance functioning at its best and avoids any potential problems down the line.

Some alternatives to R600a refrigerant include HC-134a and R410A. HC-134a is a hydrofluorocarbon designed for air conditioning and commercial refrigeration applications. R410A is a more environmentally friendly alternative to R600a refrigerant that uses less energy and has less impact on the ozone layer.

One of the most common refrigerants used in residential and commercial AC units is R600a. Originally used as a propellant in aerosols, R600a has since made its way into refrigerators.

Should I Be Concerned About R600a Refrigerant?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the environmental effects of using R600a refrigerant will vary depending on your situation. When deciding whether to use R600a refrigerant, some things to consider are the potentially harmful effects of ozone depletion, which could be exacerbated by using R600a refrigerant; how often your refrigerator is used and whether it’s being replaced regularly; and the alternatives to R600a refrigerant that are available.

R600a refrigerant has been used in residential and commercial AC units for some time. It is less ozone-depleting than other refrigerants and does not release harmful gases when used in appliances. If your refrigerator should be used or replaced more often than it is, it may be time to replace the R600a refrigerant.


A refrigerator is a valuable appliance that helps us keep food cold and fresh. However, like any other machine, it can be prone to breaking down over time. One of the most common causes of refrigerator failure is using an incorrectly-sized or -type refrigerator R600a refrigerant. If you notice that your refrigerator isn't cooling as well as it used to, or if it's not holding the temperatures you set for it, it might be time to replace your R600a refrigerant with a newer model designed for this type of machine.

December, 06 2022
The functioning procedure of the chicken feed factory

The chicken feed manufacturing plant is generally utilized to create numerous type of chicken feed pellets, such as child chicken feed pellets, laying chicken feed pellets, chickens feed pellets, and also griddle feed pellets. The functioning procedure is generally precleaning, squashing, blending, pelletizing, cooling down, testing and also packaging.

More information is on the website: https://www.richipelletmill.com/chicken-feed-manufacturing-plant/

poultry feed pellet machine for sale

The feed mill equipment is squashing the raw products right into powder which is hassle-free for the succeeding treatments. All the products go into the poultry feed pellet maker. The poultry feed pellet maker is an important device in the manufacturing of feed pellets.

Being used the chicken feed pellet device, you ought to be interest to the adhering to pointers.

1. Chicken feed pellet device as well as likewise its top magnet is required to be consistently cleaned up. If you do unclean, the iron in the feed inlet might get in the ring die of the chicken feed pellet device, which influences the typical working of the devices.

2. The wear remedy of the ring press and also pass away roller ought to be examined at established periods. The wear of the stress roller might impact the manufacturing ability, which would certainly affect the top quality of pellets.

3. Inspect the cutter of the chicken feed pellet maker. The cutter is put on as well candid, which would certainly reduce the developing price of the feed pellets.

4. When transforming resources, the cone container over the chicken feed pellet maker as well as the completed item container must be entirely cleared to stop blending.

This can raise starch pasting as well as decrease the manufacturing of unsafe bacteria. It likewise can enhance manufacturing effectiveness as well as pellet high quality.

Pets require to consume nutritionally well balanced feed for a very long time to obtain advantages, which are very closely pertaining to the procedure of pet feed devices. Just how can a chicken feed pellet maker be a lot more long lasting? You require to take notice of the complying with factors.

1. Do a great work in the examination run prior to the official manufacturing. After the warm therapy of the ring die, it must be examined whether the die opening is brightened or not, as well as whether the surface of the die opening is sufficient or not.

2. Fairly understand the tons of the chicken feed pellet device. The lots level of the pet feed tools has a fantastic influence on the outcome and also top quality of the feed pellets.

chicken feed pellet machine

If the wetness material of the product is suitable, the result as well as top quality of the hen feed pellet device can be enhanced. For the secure storage space as well as transport of granular products, the wetness material need to be well regulated.

Hence, prior to the chicken feed pellet maker is officially taken into usage, the above factors have to be thoroughly examined. In the entire chicken feed factory, examination and also upkeep of the devices are needed prior to manufacturing to guarantee the top quality of the pellets.

RICHI Machinery, situated in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, has actually participated in the manufacturing of pellet production devices for greater than 27 years. RICHI can give you with numerous chicken feed factory of 1-100t/ h. RICHI Machinery additionally supplies a one-stop solution. It has a specialist system from architectural style, tools manufacturing, as well as installment to after-sales solution.

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September, 08 2022