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GCP has opened new forms for individual boxes. Our four colour digital and offset printing services allow your custom packaging to be superb in quality. Take the package from our wide range of items that you want us to print. We will design a shipping package that meets your requirements if you do not find your preferred measurements in our product log. It was never as easy as with GCP to get bulk printed boxes at such an inexpensive price. We help thousands of organisations in supplying personalised packaging with inspiration. A variety of options are available to instal and finish to make your personalised boxes deserving of notice. GCP is an actively dedicated advocate of recycled green packaging, which is 100% recyclable. We sell quality wholesale printing boxes for our deserving customers. GCP is a leader in creative packaging for consumers. We became the first packaging to be made with over ten years of experience

Custom boxes for packaging

Custom boxes become ubiquitous in our day-to-day lives. These situations can be quickly identified and some adaptation in line with the ingenuity and originality of the client's product can be triggered. In addition to innovative design, custom boxes with several choices for decoration and styling can even be printed so they can look new and talk for themselves in the market. Different supplies of recyclable to corrugated and cardboard sheets include individualised cabinets. They seem to be very easy to produce at a glance, but a profound study of the method indicates that several steps are needed. Both these measures require 100 per cent perfection to put the natural beauty of the package into the scanning, assembly, printing, die cutting, laminating and paste. Packaging boxes created on personalised orders are used everywhere

Specialists & wholesalers in the right packaging with short run

Looking for cost-effective high-end packaging? Yeah, as Custom Packaging Pro gives you the best personalised package designs that can boost your product credibility on the market, you are in the right spot. Make the company more active by offering innovative package structure, interesting colours and quality protection, as we provide high end packaging solutions. We are sufficiently experienced to create complex prototypes and layouts in your particular cases that differentiate your product in the market. In addition to giving your product a different view, we also help you become a name that you have always dreamed of. Via our innovative custom packaging, we empower you with awesome perspectives and an eye appeal that entice consumers to redefine your product. If you sell goods at store or online, our mission is to persuade the buyer to purchase them prominently.

Give a sexy touch to your retail packaging

Our specialty in the development of custom retail boxes made us one of the world's leading online firms. We also captured both small and big businessmen's hearts with the delivery of thousands of personalised box orders. Brand presentation is an art at sale, and our innovative packaging ideas have shown this. There are a number of model prototypes, all of them original and created by our professional designers and experts. At this time it is necessary to show the product in flash, and we fully understand it. Be it a beauty shop, bakery or a supermarket, a successful product presented in our specialist retail boxes will significantly boost sales. We know the best tactics to turn your easy box into a marketing weapon that easily advertises your company on every site.

Give the packaging a sexy touch

Our expertise in retail box production has made us a leading online business in the world. With thousands of personalised panels we have also stolen the hearts of both small and large businesses. Brand presentation is art on the market, and this is illustrated by our creative packaging concepts. A variety of designs are available, all original and produced by our experts and experts. The commodity must be seen in flash at this time and we understand it fully. Be it a beauty store, a restaurant or a grocery, the profits will rise dramatically with a good product in our specialised distributors. We know how to turn your simple box into a marketing tool that can be conveniently used on any platform to support your brand.

shipping boxes custom boxes
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November, 28 2022
Recommend 5 world's best honed cylinder tube & chrome plated piston rod suppliers

Honed hydraulic cylinder tube is the most important material in hydraulic cylinder industry. It is mostly used for producing and repairing hydraulic cylinders. Because the quality performance of the cylinder is greatly determined by the quality of honed tube, so it is very important to get high quality honed cylinder tubes from high quality honed tube suppliers.

There are many honed cylinder tube suppliers in the world, the quantity should be nearly 300, as I know there are more than 100 of China honed tube suppliers till the year of 2018. Some of the honed tube suppliers provide high quality and reasonable prices, but some of the suppliers provide very low prices but with bad quality. Buyers will easily be attracted by the low pricing, but finally they will get into trouble because of quality problems. So how could we find reliable honed tube suppliers with high quality and competitive pricing?

Here I’d like to share 6 best honed tube suppliers in different countries in the world.

1. CRC Distribution Inc.

CRC Distribution is a supplier of hydraulic cylinder products and an authorized distributor of Orkot® composite materials. They have extensive inventories of chrome plated rod, steel honed tubing, hydraulic cylinder components & seals, and rotary seals.

Their access to sealing products from leading global manufacturers like Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Hallite Seals International, Fugesco, Freudenberg-NOK, and Merkel enables us to provide the highest quality products while delivering local support and personalized customer service to our customers.

2.Team Tube LLC

In United States, the best supplier of honed tubes is Team Tube LLC, here below is their introduction.

A group of friends, each with years of experience in the steel service center industry, started Team Tube LLC in 1995 in the Pacific Northwest. The focus of the new company was to provide rapid, reliable, and knowledgeable service with a full range of round steel tube and bar inventory to meet the needs of the market.

Team Tube LLC is the leading manufacturer and supplier of honed tubes in USA. Its products including honed cylinder tubes, chrome plated bar, CDS tubes, chrome plated tubes, DOM tubes and so on.

TEAMTUBE opened its first location in Portland, Oregon to specifically serve the tube and bar product needs of a number of different industries including the logging industry and fluid power manufacturing and repair industry in the area. The demand for its products quickly allowed them to expand to a second location in Seattle, Washington. The addition of another service center enabled them to efficiently provide rapid deliveries and serve the entire Pacific Northwest region with “instant steel” for their core products.

While growing to serve businesses ranging from small machine shops to major manufacturers in the metal industry, they have been able to maintain our original vision of providing “instant steel”, while focusing on customer needs and their core products, round mechanical tube and bar. This has empowered their growth as they have expanded across the country.

3. Skyline Precision Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd

As one of the best China honed tube manufacturer and suppliers, Skyline Precision Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd produces and supplies high precision steel honed tubes, honed tubing, chrome plated bar and chrome plated tubes for hydraulic applications for more than 20 years.

Skyline’s factory was established under modern management system and technologies in the year 1996. Till today it has more than 20 years’ experience in manufacturing honed tubes and other precision steel tubes.

Skyline’s honed tube factory covers an area of 40,000 square meters and a building area of 30,000 square meters, of which the production plant area is 25,000 square meters.

Skyline Pipes produces cold drawn seamless tubes, honed tubes / honed steel tubing, hydraulic cylinder tubes of more than 20,000 tons, and manufactures hydraulic piston rods of 500 thousand meters.

Besides hydraulic cylinder tubes, Skyline also produces high quality chrome plated bar and chrome plated hollow bar/ chrome plated tube for cylinder applications.

4. Salem Steel NA

Salem Steel NA is an industry leading supplier of premium quality tubing and bar, used for hydraulic cylinder application. After cold drawing and heat treating, our cylinder tubes will have the ID’s honed or skived and roller burnished (SRB) depending on your preference. Suitable to hone or SRB are also available with tolerances and guaranteed cleanup to be negotiated, depending on your requirements. We only work with ISO certified mills who undergoe a thorough audit by Salem’s quality manager. These mills processing and inspections meet or exceed the U.S. standards.

5. Tubular Steel, Inc.

Tubular Steel is a leading national distributor of carbon, alloy and stainless-steel pipe, tubing and bar products. They have over 60,000 tons in stock at our seven regionally located service centers. Honed cylinder tubes, DOM tubes, CDS tubes are their main product lines.

The honed tube suppliers introduced are the leading and best companies in its own market, and they also export their products to many of the customers in other countries. I will keep updated about the honed tube suppliers' information.

November, 23 2022
What is a Multi-stage Hydraulic Cylinder?

Telescopic hydraulic cylinder brief introduction

Multistage hydraulic cylinders are known as Telescopic hydraulic cylinders also. It is composed of two-stage or multi-stage piston cylinder, mainly composed of cylinder head, hydraulic cylinder barrel, sleeve, piston and other parts.

Our factory produces OD chrome plated honed tubes for telescopic hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and repairing.

There are inlet and outlet ports A and B at both ends of the hydraulic cylinder barrel. When oil is fed into port A and oil is returned to port B, the first-stage piston with a larger effective area is pushed first, and then the smaller second-stage piston is pushed. Because the flow into the A port remains unchanged, the piston with a large effective area has a low motion speed and a large thrust; otherwise, the motion speed is high, and the thrust is small. If oil is supplied to port B and oil is returned to port A, the secondary piston will first return to the end point, and then the primary piston will return.

The characteristics of the telescopic hydraulic cylinder are it can be stretched very long when it is working, and it can be shortened when it is not working. It is suitable for occasions where the installation space is limited, such as the telescopic boom of a crane.

When the telescopic hydraulic cylinder is extended step by step, the effective working area gradually decreases. When the input flow is constant, the extension speed increases gradually; when the external load remains constant, the working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder gradually increases. The extension of the single-acting telescopic hydraulic cylinder depends on the oil pressure, and when it contracts, it depends on its own weight or load. Therefore, it is used for occasions where the cylinder body is inclined or rotated vertically.

Chrome Plated OD Honed Tubes for Telescopic Hydraulic cylinders

Honed tubes are the main material for manufacturing hydraulic cylinders, while chrome plated rod is the main material for manufacturing hydraulic piston rods. When manufacturing a telescopic hydraulic cylinder, every moving stage of the cylinder is acting as the hydraulic cylinder barrel and also act as the cylinder rod. So, to manufacturing a telescopic hydraulic cylinder, we will need to use the chrome plated tube with inner diameter honed and outer diameter chrome plated.

The smooth inner diameter of the chrome plated tube act as the hydraulic cylinder barrel, and the outer diameter of the tube is ground, polished and chrome plated, which can act as the cylinder rod of another stage.

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder Tube Suppliers

Our factory produces full size range of honed tubes with OD chrome plated for telescopic hydraulic cylinders. The materials available in SAE 1020, SAE 1026, ST52.3, E355 and CK45.

Besides chrome plated tubes, we also produce the below products.

  1. Chrome plated shafts / chrome plated rods
    2-1. CK45 Chrome Plated Rod | CK45 Hard Chrome Bar | CK45 Chrome Rods
    2-2. 1045 Chrome Plated Rod
    2-3.  4140 Chrome Plated Rod | 4140 Chrome plated bar
    2-4. Induction hardened Chrome Plated Bar
  2. Honed cylinder tubes
  3. 4140 honed cylinder tubes | 4140 hydraulic cylinder barrel
November, 23 2022