Aegis Logistics Limited



A Public Listed Company in offering Logistics Services to Oil , Gas & Chemical Industry and is present in Mumbai Port, Kochi Port and Pipapav Port . The Company is also setting up new facility at Haldia in Eastern Coast Aegis owns and operates a 20,000 MT fully refrigerated LPG import terminal . The terminal has state-of-the-art safety features such as full containment design LPG storage tanks, remote control water curtain, gas detectors, automatic shut off systems and remote control valves. Aegis imports, markets and distributes bulk LPG and Propane to a variety of industrial customers in sectors such as steel, ceramics, glass and pharmaceutical in the western region and is one of the largest private suppliers in India. With high oil prices and supply concerns globally, the world is exploring the use of alternate clean fuels instead of petrol. In India, CNG and Auto LPG are the two gas-based alternatives to petrol. Worldwide, Auto LPG is generally preferred to CNG because Auto LPG vehicles can run three times the distance on a full tank, the conversion kits cost 50% less, require less maintenance and are safer because of lower tank pressure. Aegis has taken a pioneering role in the development of an extensive retail network of Auto LPG stations in India under the brand name Aegis Autogas.Currently the network is spread over eight states.

Sector: Oil & Energy


Year Established: 1956