Akis Group Enerji



Akis Group was the first company between investors in energy sector. The founder of Akis A.S. was also co-founder of Kepez Electricity and Cukurova Electricity Corporation in Turkey. Kepez Electricity was producing 127, 6 MW of electricity from hydroelectric dams located in the south of Turkey. It was one of the biggest energy investments back in 1950’s. In 1993, Akis sold its shares in Kepez Electricity to another corporation in Turkey. Cukurova Electricity was involved in the trading activities with the first and only private company permission for trading activities in the Regional Electricity Market such as transmission, distribution, retail sale, and wholesale. Akis Group, with Akis Group Energy and Marketing Company, founded in 2007, has been focused on sustainable and clean energy applications, particularly solar and wind energy, and aims to be pioneer for spreading renewable electric power generating systems in Turkey. For this purpose, renewable energy technologies are presented as a technology economically accessible and technically reliable. In this initiative, has pioneered to make the development of environmental awareness in our country, reducing dependence on foreign energy resources and the implementation of new technologies.

Sector: Renewables & Environment

Website: www.akisgroup.com

Year Established: 1950