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Al-'Ali Al-Ajmi Group (Saudi Arabia)

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Since its foundation in 1980, Abdul Ali AL-AJMI Company specialized in the filed of road and bridge construction and maintenance, infrastructure, work site preparation, real estate development, and road transport services.The Company implemented all of its projects successfully, with ingenuity, and according to the standard specifications of Saudi Aramco, Ministry of Transport, Border Guards, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Private real estate sector, and others.Abdul Ali-Ajmi Company has been known as a major company in road construction all over Saudi Arabia.The company providers project maintenance services for different government agencies, as well as the private sector in addition to bridge building. The company is one of the suppliers of road transport services in the Kingdom, and it carries out its activities to meet deadlines and complete all work tosatisfy its customers.The Economic developments in Saudi Arabia in all aspects is remarkable and noticed, forcing all workers in the economic sectorin various activates to develop their structures, and their work methods, andopen channels of communications with various parties in economic affairs inside and outside the Kingdom, whether governmental or in the private sector and Everyone should work according toprinciple of information and decision-making sharing, which will reflect on the development of the economy of the Gulf and Middle Eastin general.The Construction and Service sector in important and amain artery for economic development and must be organized by those who work in it first to draw attention to this sector and raise the level of awareness.We ask Allah to help us and all employess in the company to develop our business, ensuring that we contribute to the development of this important sector.

Sector: Construction

Website: http://www.alajmicompany.com

Year Established: 1980