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The Alsons Power Group’s power generation facilities are presently focused on the island of Mindanao where these plants play a key role in providing electricity to fuel Mindanao’s growing population and expanding economy. The Group currently operates three diesel power facilities: the Southern Philippines Power Corporation’s (SPPC) 55 Mega Watt (MW) plant in Alabel, Sarangani, the Western Mindanao Power Corporation’s (WMPC) 100 MW plant in Zamboanga City, and the newly revamped 103 MW Mapalad Power Corporation (MPC) plant in Iligan City. All three power facilities have helped lessen the severity of the power shortage in Mindanao. Apart from the diesel power plants, the Alsons Power Group is developing two coal-fired facilities to help provide a stable source of baseload power for Mindanao and ensure long-term power security for the island. These facilities are: the 105 MW San Ramon Power, Inc. (SRPI) plant in Zamboanga City and the 210 MW Sarangani Energy Corporation (SEC) plant in Maasim, Sarangani. The first 105 MW section of the SEC plant began construction in 2012 and will begin operating on fourth quarter of 2015 while the SEC plant’s second 105 MW section is slated to commence operations in 2018.

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