Anadolu Gaz

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32 years of industry experience in the area behind Anadolugaz first filling plant operating outside the territory of the refinery in 1980 in Anatolia with the coming together of a group of 30 eminent personalities from Nevsehir province was established as a public limited company. Since 1982, 13 partnered continues path Corporation. Anadolugaz Inc. 1990 Kırıkkale Refinery District Kırıkkale Filling Facility, the 1992 Karaman Filling Facility, the in 1993 the refinery Zone in Izmit (half of) the filling has launched the Facility has been one of Turkey's leading LPG company increasing the number of both the capital and plants. Anadolugaz Inc. from its inception until 2001, the work of the General Directorate of Nevsehir Filling continue in the plant located in Ankara Ercan since 2001 has moved to the Headquarters Group of Companies. Since its establishment the sales constantly increasing Anadolugaz Inc. scuba activities began with filling gas, together with the start to take place in autogas Turkey market in both areas continues to grow steadily expanding its dealer network. Liquefied in 2005 Petroleum Gas (LPG) Market Law of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority with the entry into force (EMRA) Filling 4 plants, distribution and LPG Tube Inspection, Repair and Maintenance received their licenses. It also has licensed to carry 34 pieces tanker fleet. One hundred percent of domestic capital Anadolugaz Inc. established as determined move towards infrastructure and manpower investment it gives great importance to the target.

Sector: Oil & Energy


Year Established: 1982