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Anyang Fenghuang PV Technological Company Limited



Phoenix’s mission is to change the world with sunlight. Anyang Phoenix Photovoltaic Company Limited is Located in Hua County, Anyang City, Henan province, and was founded in April of 2009 with registered capital of 190 million RMB. The company is committed to producing photovoltaic polysilicon ingots, squares, sliced wafers, and cells. Within just six months of breaking ground in May 2009, 12 polysilicon ingot furnaces were fully operational. Currently, the company has 1.58 billion RMB in capital invested in equipment, including 72 American GT polycrystalline silicon ingot furnaces, 10 Swiss-made HCT square machines, 36 line cutting machines, and 50 sets of cutting, grinding, and chamfering equipment. In fiscal year 2010, the company realized 880 million RMB in net sales, 20 million RMB of which was earned from exports. In 2011, the Henan Provincial Government awarded the company the title of “Henan Top 100 Enterprise;” the Henan Province Department of Industry awarded the company the title of “Top 60 Enterprises of Henan Province’s High Tech Industry;” and the Anyang Municipal Government awarded the company the title of “Anyang City’s Top 50 Enterprises.” Furthermore, the company was awarded the “Henan Province May Day Labor Certificate,” and given the “Henan Province Project for Constructing an Advanced Work Unit,” award, among others.. The company currently has a production capacity of over 550MW, and can produce 200,000 silicon wafers a day with a monthly power consumption of 4.6 million kwH. The first half of this year, the company has achieved an output value of over 700 million. The company now employs over 1600 people, of which over 80% have university degrees. The company is heavily invested in research and development, and in 2010 invested 45 million RMB in R&D, representing 6% of sales revenue. The company actively develops cooperative research, working hand in hand with both the US’s Applied Materials, and the Henan University Photovoltaic Technology Center’s Unique Photovoltaic Laboratory. A series of technical cooperative agreements have been signed, emphasizing original research and technological advancements. The company has already obtained 8 specialized patents, and of 20 submitted applications, 13 accepted for specific inventions and 2 for international patents. The company’s R&D Center has been named as Henan Province solar power wafer and cell engineering technology center, and this year has already taken the first steps towards going through the National High Technology Enterprise Certification process.

Sector: Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Website: http://www.pvphoenix.com/index.asp

Year Established: 2009