Founded in 1993 in Houston, AppSmiths is a proud part of the oil and gas community, offering an established and growing suite of products and services to handle the demanding needs of both engineers and operators of gas lift wells. Using our software, expertise, and innovative and patented technology, we help companies big and small worldwide get the most out of their wells, without the need for physical intervention. AppSmiths have a proven track record with results that speak for themselves. By utilizing personnel of the highest expertise and experience, we deliver cost-effective, turnkey solutions that yield operational insight and enhance production. Our technology has a long standing history of helping oil operators, both IOC and NOC, in gas-lift surveillance and optimisation across the globe. For example, both WinGLUE® and WellTracer are well established as proven technology applications and are being used in more than 20+ countries. Major Operators in Malaysia have had much success with our technology in realising more oil production from their fields.

Sector: Oil & Energy


Year Established: 1993