Atakas Sirketler Grubu

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ATAKAŞ was incorporated in 1975 in İskenderun in order to operate on iron industry. Since then, it has accomplished remarkable achievements concerning iron trade and import.Atakaş began to operate in coal industry on coal industry by starting to deal with coal import in 1989. Atakaş Group Companies undertakes processing of the highest quality coals imported by Atakaş Ticaret Ve Nakliyat A.Ş. in its coal sieving and packaging plants with an annual capacity of 2.000.000 tons in three regions in Turkey. It sieves and packages the coals imported from various countries in the world (Russia, USD, South Africa) in its plants in İskenderun, Kocaeli Gebze and Samsun after which it offers them to consumers to be used for industrial and heating purposes.Yeşilkor, which is the biggest and best coal plant in Turkey and Europe thanks to an annual capacity of 500.000 tons, has two branches one of which is located in Payas organized industrial zone and the other one in Kocaeli Gebze industrial zone. Currently, it performs operations with a total capacity of more than 2.500.000 tons a year in its plants in Payas, Gebze, Ceyhan and Samsun comprised of a indoor area of 24.500m2 and outdoor area of 402.500m2 in total.Dedicated to the principles of the Highest Quality, Most Affordable Price and Highest Environmental Awareness principles since the establishment, Atakaş Group Companies continues to grow as a high-quality, reliable and sustainable establishment with its ever improving corporate structure with approximately 600 employees and hundreds of distributers all over Turkey thanks to the positive industrial and economic atmosphere in Turkey. Succeeding in being one step further than its competitors due to its efforts, Atakaş Group Companies is determined to continue to be a leading company in the industry contributing to improvement of service quality and competition in the future.

Sector: Mining & Metals


Year Established: 1975