Atha Group

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Since its inception as a mining company over sixty years ago, Atha Group has grown into one of the most consistent and prominent players in the Indian Mining Industry. Over the last decade, the Group has focused on business diversification and expansion which has significantly boosted its performance over the last decade. The Atha Groups business portfolio comprises iron ore mining, coal mining, manufacture of Sponge Iron & Billets, generation of renewable energy (Wind & Solar), manufacture of Calcined Petroleum Coke, International initiatives in Mining and Mineral Resources. With its vast experience over the years and thorough knowledge of every operative nuance of the various industries, the Atha Group has not only managed to carve a niche for itself, but has also emerged as a brand name that is synonymous with quality in the Asian commodity market and in international markets like South Africa & SADC Region. The Atha Group is managed by an inspiring leadership that is young, focused and is driven by the ambition deliver the very best. The management team comprises a mixed pool of industry professionals from various fields such as Mining & Geology, Finance & Strategy, Banking, International Business and Human Resources. The Group endeavors to be a cost and quality front runner by achieving total integration in its operations across the mining and energy value chain. It manoeuvres an infrastructure intensive network and exercises integrated quality management processes aimed at satisfactorily meeting customer requirements. Apart from attaining superior technological and quality-specific edge over its competitors, the group also pays close attention to the enhancement of safety, health and environmental protection.

Sector: Mining & Metals


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