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DONGKUK S&C was established in 1967and seperated from DONGKUK Industries in 2001. Since we started to manufacture wind tower in 2001, we successfully supplied more than 4,000 sets of wind towers to the USA and JAPAN as well as to the domestic market. In 2008 year, we exported almost 900 sets to the USA and JAPAN. Our maximum capacity is approximately 1,000sets per year. We are well established as a manufacturer of wind tower and our wind towes are enjoying high reputation for their excellent quality. Renewable Energy Division has pushed ahead its reserch on utilizing renewable energy such as wind energy, landfill gas energy as well. Theses days, we are also pocussing on Offshore wind and Oil & Gas sub-structures such as Jacket foundation, Monopile and Tripod etc.

Sector: Renewables & Environment


Year Established: 1967