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Environmental Solutions and Consultancy (ESC) provides comprehensive solutions to industry and government bodies in areas such as environment, sustainability, health and safety etc. We extend our specialist tailor made services using our competent staff as well as through the association with proficient companies worldwide. With an emphasis on sustainability and compliance to the relevant regulations, we deliver strategic services including environmental consulting, engineering design, and knowledge management.ESC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Paradigm Pioneers Group which focus to offer high-quality and perfect services to clients as the name denotes, using its professional expertise and global talent pool. Paradigm Pioneers (PP) is a boutique management consulting firm providing innovative business solutions to investors around the world and specializing in end-to-end solutions and project management ヨ delivering high value on investment to all its clients. PP has a diversified portfolio with companies working in different areas, which indeed brings together diverse range of skills and experience that in turn place the group among leading business management consulting firms of Middle East.

Sector: Environmental Services

Website: http://www.esc-me.com/

Year Established: 2008