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Henan Jufeng Photovoltaic Power Generation Company Limited



Henan Jufeng PV GmbH in government at all levels and all sectors of society friends of the care and support, in , 2014 Nian 5 Yue 15 officially established, the company registered capital of 5000 million yuan.   With the continuous growth of the rapid economic development, industry and the environmental pollution has aroused great attention. The company is making the blue sky and mountains are no longer the people's memories, and initiated a new response to the national call of energy, an engineering company invested 1.1 This billion yuan in Lankao established a 10.9MW photovoltaic power generation demonstration bases, and has been grid power! Two companies total investment of 20 billion yuan in Xinxiang Huixian Chang village area of 2,500 acres, the construction of 200MW of photovoltaic power stations, the project is expected annual generation capacity of 286 million degrees, the annual savings of 1.5 million tons of coal can be reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 700,000 tons, an investment of 3.3 billion yuan, the construction of 30MW photovoltaic power plant; two 7.7 billion to build 70MW PV power plant; three . 11 ​​billion to build 100MW PV power plant, the power plant will be the largest in Henan Province hills Badlands new energy power plants, the new energy industry will play a huge role in our province.

Sector: Renewables & Environment

Website: http://www.jufengguangfu.com/index.php

Year Established: 2014