Inflow Control



The focus of InflowControl is to develop inflow control device technology in order to increase oil recovery and production from oil and gas reservoirs. Despite being small, the new Autonomous Inflow Control Valve ヨ AICVᆴ, may have a significant impact on oil and gas recovery worldwide. InflowControl is an innovative Norwegian technology company with proven experience from developing and introducing new Autonomous Inflow Control Devices (AICD) in a conservative oil industry.The company is Achilles certified as supplier for the Oil Industry in Norway and Denmark. InflowControl AS was founded in May 2011. The first office was opened in Porsgrunn September 2011. The company is owned by the founders and Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures. The main focus for InflowControl is to increase the recovery and production from oil and gas fields by use of autonomous inflow control device (ICD). Our personnel have extensive experience and resources in all stages of inflow control device, including innovation, patenting, design, qualification and production.

Sector: Oil & Energy


Year Established: 2011