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Images of people worldwide have died from the fire visible at all times and I will add more and more every day. The fire caused an accident. Of electric shock from the negligence of the people. Of terrorist activities. Sabotage of international and domestic war. The fire burned to destroy life and property, many times it must have killed it. The most common cause of death more than 95% will come from the choking smoke before help arrived almost. And devices used to solve the fire. Be used to fire over. There are very few people prepared to help people escape them. We have long realized the problem was discovered URGENT FIRE-PAK or "escape respirator" is more than 8 years old is considered one of the country and the world is. Systems developed this very seriously. Inspired by the birth of consciousness. They always say that. "Life is above all else. If you lose, nothing to replace them, "If you have a device that will allow them to survive in a few seconds during a crisis, it may help people to life, survival and much more.

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