Sekal AS offers uniquely powerful software systems and expertise for real-time dynamic monitoring and integrated drilling process automation in the oil and gas industry. Our software compares state-of-the-art real-time models of the drilled well with real-time data from drilling operations to create a detailed and constantly updated picture of borehole conditions. This is used to detect incipient drilling problems and take preventive action. The result is safer, more consistent and efficient drilling. DrillSceneᆴ is an advanced software tool for monitoring and trend analysis during drilling operations. It creates a dynamic, real-time picture of the entire wellbore with changes between the model and reality visualized as trends graphs. This helps drilling analysts and engineers to optimize operational performance and to proactively avoid problems in the borehole. DrillTronicsᆴ is a powerful tool for enhancing the safety and efficiency of drilling operations. It can control swab and surge effects, manage pump startup, conduct semi-automatic friction and reciprocation tests, visualize and monitor borehole progress. DrillTronics intervenes and executes safety procedures immediately based on the wellメs condition and feedback. With DrillTronics embedded in the drilling control system, well integrity is maintained.

Sector: Oil & Energy


Year Established: 2011