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Webinar on demand: Advance Geomodelling

Learn from Advanced Geomodelling in this 1 hour webinar!

Petroleum Geology
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About this course

Do you know how you can improve building a static reservoir model to support a dynamic reservoir simulation?

Join Raffik Lazar as he talks you through the Advanced Geomodelling workflow used as a support for dynamic reservoir simulation.

What Will You Learn

    Topics covered in this webinar include:

    * Modelling philosophy

    * The 3 key modelling steps

    * The advanced Geomodelling workflow building blocks

    * Conditioning the Geomodel before exporting to the dynamic simulator

    * Getting feedbacks from the simulation

What are the requirements?

    Webinars are a great way to learn new things without having to leave the office or spend a lot of money travelling, but there are a few things you should take note of in order to ensure your webinar experience goes off without a hitch.

    1. Check System Requirements - Internet speed must be adequate in order for you to view the presentation without distortion or lag time. If you're connecting from work, ensure to check the domain hosting the webinar isn't blocked.

    2. Download Necessary Software - Some webinars are completely web-based, but others require you to download software or browser plugins. Make sure you have all the appropriate software installed before the webinar starts.

    3. Phone or PC Audio - Some webinars stream their audio over the PC, but others require you to dial-in via telephone for the audio. Find out which option the webinar you're planning to attend uses and plan accordingly.

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