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Whether you are a fresh graduate, consultant or an energy professional from an operator or vendor company, there is something on NrgEdge for everyone!
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Student and Fresh Graduates

Start embarking on your career journey early by creating a complete profile. Include your most recent photo in full colour, your academic achievements and projects that you have been involved in while at University. Then begin connecting with others. Who knows, you could be spotted or connected with companies that have suitable openings for candidates just out from university.

With our Career Passport feature, you can select from our carefully crafted professional resume templates. Save your complete resume online as a live PDF with your accompanying certificates. Conveniently use this unique Career Passport weblink and submit your application across to prospective companies with suitable openings.

Energy Professional or Consultants

Are you currently working in a project and have something to share about your achievements and lessons learnt? NrgEdge encourages knowledge sharing by allowing users to create or join projects. Showcase your accomplishments as a "badge of achievement", by highlighting your role, accomplishments in cost savings or technology that you were able to adopt or innovate.

Go further and take the opportunity to meet like-minded peers and demonstrate your thought leadership in our NrgBuzz and Forums sections. For an example, if you are a LNG specialist, join our LNG industry conversations in the Forums section or comment about the latest headlines about LNG in our NrgBuzz section. This will boost your profile rankings and you will stand out like a key influencer in this domain.

Operators and Vendors

If you are an operator, contractor or supplier to energy projects or facilities, this is the best platform to showcase your capability and market leadership. In our Companies section, users can access over thousands of companies in the energy sector in Asia and beyond. Take this opportunity to share updates about your company and key employees to acquire new followers and interest about your activities.

As the users of NrgEdge continually seek out relevant contacts and opportunities in companies, your enhanced company profile will provide prospective clients the information they need to connect with you. Tag your company to projects around the region to showcase the sophiscated capability and market share of your company. Demonstrate how your highly skilled employees can be engaged to work on future projects or opportunities. Also find out about latest projects that your company would like to be involved in through updates in our NrgBuzz and Projects sections.

Companies can also use the Forums section to get user feedback and validation on new product and services, and connect with users to build a long term relationship. Best of all, you can also connect with experienced industry veterans and seek their guidance and expertise to improve your product or service in the future.

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