List Your Courses in NrgEdge Learning

Are you a training provider interested in capturing more exposure and learner registrations from the energy industry?

Here is where NrgEdge learning can help you. By listing your e-learning or webinar courses online with us, we can help accelerate your exposure and acquire more learners for your courses. It is both quick and cost effective. The NrgEdge Learning platform features a comprehensive marketplace for e-learning courses covering a variety of disciplines and audiences in the energy industry. Be part of this growing important resource and elevate your presence and recognition in the marketplace.

NrgEdge welcomes both payable as well as free courses for the benefit of the community.

Why list your training courses or webinars on NrgEdge Learning?

NrgEdge is the fastest growing professional network in the energy industry. Our growing membership base, is quickly becoming one of the best ways to get more learners for your training or webinars. In addition to recruiting more learners for your online courses, you could also generate interest for your other training and consulting services.

How does NrgEdge market my courses?

The NrgEdge Learning platform is the leading marketplace for training in the energy industry across the region. Featuring over 150 courses, it is quickly becoming a must-visit resource for individuals looking to advance their career prospects. Corporate learning professionals also use the platform to source for training for their employees. NrgEdge promotes its learning platform through several online and offline channels within the industry. Get your courses promoted at leading trade exhibitions, conferences as well as through email marketing and social networks like linkedin, facebook, twitter and Instagram.

How many visitors or registrations can I expect?

NrgEdge received over 150,000 of monthly visitors daily from many sources and varying interest and objectives. With reference to expected registration for your courses, it will depend on the volume of courses listed, topics and content as well as the pricing offered. To maximize opportunities for registrations, providers should participate actively in marketing the course listing with promotions or special offers as well as participating in related marketing activities with NrgEdge.

What do I pay for listing on your NrgEdge Learning?

You pay nothing for listing your courses in NrgEdge. However, if we are successful in securing participants for your courses, we will earn a small commission from the published prices. How long does it take for my courses to appear in NrgEdge Learning after submission? 
Your courses will appear in the search results a week after successfully uploading and categorizing your course catalog.

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