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Al Bunduq Field (Gas Injection Project)

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Location: United Arab Emirates
lng terminals in india


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    Oil & Gas

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The platform, sailed off from L&T's coastal facility at Hazira in Gujarat last week, is on its way to the oil fields of Abu Dhabi. At 2,400 tonnes, it was among the heaviest single modules to be loaded out from a facility in India. L&T had bagged this USD 52.5 million EPC (Engineer, Procure and Construct) contract in July 2004. By January 15, 2006, L&T is scheduled to install the platform in the El Bunduq field near the maritime boundary between UAE and Qatar. While output from the El Bunduq oilfield has declined from an estimated peak of some 50,000 barrels of oil per day, it is able to maintain production with the aid of water and gas injection. At least 70 percent of output from the field is now water. Today, the field serves as a valuable asset in developing new enhanced oil recovery techniques, a test bed for larger fields that face a similar fate as the aging Bunduq Field. 

El Bunduq Maritime border of United Arab Emirates and Qatar West of Abu Dhabi East of Doha EPC contract
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