Angra-3 PWR Nuclear

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Location: Brazil
lng terminals in india


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The 1,405MWe Angra-3 PWR nuclear reactor project is on again. The Brazilian Government has announced plans to complete the reactor, which will work alongside the other two at Angra, which is between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The project is estimated to cost $5.6bn and is scheduled for completion in 2018. A total of $327m was already spent during the early phase of development of Angra-3. Angra-3 was designed to be a twin of the four-loop Angra-2 but was halted in the mid-1980s after a lack of funding. Construction officially restarted in June 2010 after the approval of a return-to-construction by Brazil's National Energy Policy Council in June 2007. Presidential approval for the same was received a month later, in July. 

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