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Location: Singapore
lng terminals in india


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The contracts with Saudi Aramco mobilise AOD’s second and third new-build jack-up rigs, AOR-2 and AOR-3, to Saudi Arabia to provide drilling services for a minimum of three years plus a one-year option. The potential revenues for the three-year period for both rigs are approximately $394m as well as a cumulative mobilisation fee of $68m. The rigs are currently under construction at Keppel FELS in Singapore, with scheduled delivery dates in April and July 2013, respectively. A KFELS ‘B’ Class, 400 fsw rated, 15k BOP jack-up. The rig represent the latest generation, high specification jack-up drilling rigs featuring 'fit for purpose' off-line pipe handling and stand building, enhanced mud systems as well as improved deck layouts, greater capacities, upgraded safety equipment and accommodation for 150 men Technical specifications are preliminary and may change during the course of the shipyard project without prior notice 

Keppel Fels Singapore
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