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Aramco - Sulphur Recovery at Kursaniyah, Shedgum and Uthmaniyah

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Location: Saudi Arabia
lng terminals in india


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Jacobs Engineering Group has received contracts from Saudi Aramco to utilise Jacobs' proprietary SUPERCLAUS technology for 13 sulphur recovery units (SRUs). Jacobs is performing the awarded work at three key Saudi Aramco locations in Saudi Arabia. The Kursaniyah site is adding three SRUs with a capacity of 900 tons per day (tpd) each while the Shedgum and Uthmaniyah locations are both revamping five 550-tpd units. These 13 units will process over 8,200 tons of sulphur per day. The SUPERCLAUS units produce molten elemental sulphur by recovering sulphur from acid gas (H2S and CO2) feed streams generated by high- and low-pressure regeneration facilities. The additions and upgrades allow Saudi Aramco to satisfy environmental regulations that require a sulphur recovery level of at least 98.7%. Saudi Aramco has over 20 operating units in five locations. Jacobs has added all of the units since they began providing technical services to Saudi Aramco in 2000.

Kursaniyah Shedgum Uthmaniyah Upgrade and additions
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