Asab NGL Extraction Plant

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Location: United Arab Emirates
lng terminals in india


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    Oil & Gas

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Asab NGL extraction plant has been in operation since 1981 and it is located next to one of the richest oil fields in the country, 190km south of Abu Dhabi City. It receives the associated gas (capacity 300 million standard cubic feet per day, single train) coming from ADCO. Asab was the first plant in this region to be equipped with a turbo-expander in order to ensure a high NGL recovery. The NGL is pumped to GASCO Ruwais plant for further treatment and the residual gas is compressed and sent to the network. In 2001, Asab started to process condensate-rich gas from Thammama F/G reservoirs, with a total capacity of 870 million standard cubic feet per day. Condensate extracted from the feed gas at a rate of about 95,000 barrels per day (bpd) is sent to TAKREER oil refinery in Ruwais. Residual gas is re-injected into the reservoir. Other facilities under implementation add NGL extraction unit to the existing condensate recovery facilities.

Asab South of Abu Dhabi City Ruwais Plant NGL
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